Antique Chinese filigree and carved ivory demi

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Our sterling vermeil and carved ivory demi is an example of the finest silverwork out of Asia at the turn of the 20th century, and depicts an elegant Chinese theme.

Our bracelet and pin set showcases one of the most elaborate filigree work I have seen, with genuine carved ivory panels, depicting the Eight Immortals. The Eight Immortals is a group of legendary deities whose powers can give life or death.

According to our research, our set is circa early 20th century, probably right after the fall of the Qing dynasty in 1911, ending 2000 years of Imperial rule. Objects of art and personal adornment, including jewelry, found their way into international (Western) markets after that; our set was among those.

The silversmiths of the Qing dynasty were masters in all forms of silverwork, producing the finest pieces in Asia (in fact, in the 19th century, famed jeweler Louis Comfort Tiffany only imported silver out of China). By the early 20th century, the favored styles for jewelry included open metalwork and silver mesh wirework, goldplating, and use of semi-precious stones. Our set is a fine example of this style.

Our bracelet is a chunky piece made up of three raised filigree panels with

The bracelet is a little over 1" wide and about 1/4" thick. It is a petite 6" long, so will fit smaller wrists. It has a hidden-push in clasp that is marked Silver and "MG" (the hallmark of the artisan who made it; Chinese characters gave way to "Western" letters as forms of marking jewelry to cater to the foreign markets). Also has a safety chain.

The pin has a locking c-clasp closure. Both pin and bracelet show an amazingly fine mesh work in the back.

Especially considering its age, our set is in very good to excellent condition. The vermeil on the bracelet especially is outstanding, as it is still richly gilt and bright. It's as if the original owner tucked this away somew, unused.

The pin shows a bit more wear on the goldtone coating, more consistent to its age and use. 




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