Map of Vancouver, BC. City Map and Blueprint Co.

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SKU: 1924

Map of Vancouver, British Columbia. Compiled and published by the City Map and White Print Co. 413 Granville St. Vancouver. 

Size: 48 x 42"

Approximate scale: 1" = 1/4 mile.

Undated but 1935 or 1936.

White print on canvas with wooden top rail. Hand colour.

City of Vancouver including Stanley Park, east to the Burnaby City Limit. Burrard Inlet and the northern arm of the Fraser River frame the map, top and bottom. Index and scale at lower left.

Colour scale indicates types of development (Heavy Industrial, Local Commercial, Two-Family Dwelling, etc.) The information was probably compiled from a set of Goad's Fire Insurance Maps and would have been included as an aid to marketing. In an age of door-to-door sales, this map would help guide businesses to areas where they could expect the best results.

"One-mile circles radiate from the present City Hall." This line from the legend helps date the map. The "present" City Hall was at 16 E. Hastings. The Holden Building (now Tellier Tower) was leased to City Council from 1924 - 1936. In 1935, a committee was struck to find a new location and it recommended West 12th and Cambie Street. That recommendation was accepted and, after a year of construction, the new city hall was occupied on January 2nd, 1937. 

A date of 1935 / 36 is supported by the depiction of the City's bridges. The Burrard Street Bridge is shown completed (1932) but the Lion's Gate Bridge (Stanley Park, 1938) is not.

Condition: Discoloured overall. Small cracks and splits throughout. Two small areas have been whited out. Overall in good condition for its age. Paper remains firmly affixed to the canvas. A rare piece in any condition.

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